16 February 2015

T.Y. Leung - WorldChefs Young Chef Ambassador for Asia

T.Y. Leung - WorldChefs Young Chef Ambassador for Asia

Culinary Examinations passed:
Jul 2007
The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department
²  Basic Food Hygiene Certificate
Vocational Training Council (Career-oriented Curriculum)
²  Certificate in Fundamental Western Bakery and Pastry (Pass with Distinction)
Jun 2006  
The Royal Institute of Public Health
²  Foundation Certificate in Food Hygiene (Pass with Credit)

Education Qualifications:

Sept 2013- present
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
²   Master of Science (MSc) in International Hospitality Management

Sept 2010-
Jan 2012
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
²  Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Hotel Management with focused area in Food and Beverage Area (Second Class Honours, Division 1)
²  Learning gastronomic history of Mexican, Caribbean, Austrian & Hungarian of empire, Eastern Mediterranean and Russian
²  Did an honor thesis in individual and organizational characteristics impacting on chefs’ creativity
²   Research proposal was presented in the 2011 TOSOK International Tourism Conference organized by Tourism Sciences Society of Korea (TOSOK)
Sept 2007- Aug 2010
Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Chai Wan)
²  Higher Diploma in Hotel and Catering (Pass with Credit)
²  VTC Outstanding Students Award Scheme Nomination
²  Planned and organized the Japanese simulation operation

What quality could you bring to this role?
I am a young chef with an abnormal background from most of the young professionals in hometown. Most of the young chefs in Hong Kong have studied different culinary certificates after college, equipped with different professional culinary skill in school. However, I am now a degree holder of hotel management which focused in food and beverage side and now studying part-time for my master degree for International Hospitality Management. Throughout different working experiences in Spain, Hong Kong and my studies, I am able to manage most of the computer skills and settle the young chefs’ difficulties and proper kitchen management. With my unique background and qualification, it enables me to think out-of-the-box to achieve or recommend solutions.
I consider myself as self motivated and enthusiastic with good interpersonal skills. I am keen to take on position to work in any areas which offer me more responsibilities and challenges.

List & Explain your 3 objectives you wish to achieve in your 2-year term as Ambassador, and how you would go about achieving them? 
1.  To keep instant online and offline contact with every Young chefs club in Asia by online platform and attending to different WACS- based events or exhibition in Asia countries such as FHA...etc.

2.  One of my wants to fulfill the young chefs who desire to work overseas to gain experience would be my second objectives. Especially nowadays Asian teenagers are aiming to travel for work or go working holidays. We would like to create quality overseas working or staging program for different level of chefs such as student or professional to have a chance to work in their dream or desired restaurant with or without pay. Those restaurants may be very hard for them to reach out there. For example, a young professional cannot think of himself would be able to work in fat duck or other famous restaurant one day. If we could offer help to knock the door, they may have a different future. I have few experiences to sending young chefs to overseas for staging or work through our connections. To launch this program, we need to have different levels of interview or nominations regarding to different levels or requirements of restaurant.

3.  Another objective is to assist some of the countries to launch a young chefs club. And aims to develop and improve the young chefs movement in Asia through discussions and thought. And most importantly is to understand young chefs' needs and wants in different countries with different culture and background.

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