24 February 2015

Cooking at Kaw Mu - Boys Prison, Myanmar

Cooking at Kaw Mu - Boys Prison, Myanmar
World Chefs Without Borders & Young Chefs Myanmar February 2015
The brain child of Parkroyal Yangon s F&B Director Hermann Feigl, the sponsorship of Mr Ong & Ang of MSL Seafood Company, Snorre Foods Michelin Star Chef Markus P. Dybwad from Norway and the never tired WCWB Myanmar Ambassador Chef Thu Rein Htun of Savoy Hotel cheered up the day for 450 boys of the " Hnit Aung San " correction center in Kawmu - Delta Myanmar on 15.2.2015.
The day started as early as 4:00 am for most young Chefs from Yangon under the lead of WCWB Myanmar Ambassador Chef Thu Rein Htun,- pick up the seafood curry which Snorre Foods Michelin Star Chef Markus P. Dybwad prepared already for the 450 boys at Kawmu prison. The long delta road where MCA could carry 25 container full of livelihood items worth of over 12 million $ US in aid after Cyclone Nargis,--- as as usual in a February morning full of fog and one could not see the other side of the road.
With a truck, bus and Season Bakery Pastry Chef Istvans private car the at 5:00 am all were ready the cars packed for a three hours drive to the southern Delta of Myanmar, the market of Kawmu was the first station to beef up the food items for starch, vegetable, salad and soup for 450 hungry boys. Myanmar TV Chef Kyaw Kyaw was all over recognized and granted us best rates at the market as the shop owners remembered us from 20.10.2013 International WACS Chefs day. Purchased :
- 156 kg Rice- 20 Cabbage- 2 kg Coriander- 10 Bdl Radish- 5 kg Carrot- 2 kg Chili- 2 kg Salt &  kg Pepper- 10 pack Black Mushroom- 15 Cauliflower- 8 kg Bamboo Shoot- 12 kg Tomatoes- 20 Eggplants - 100 bdl Roselle Leaves- 15 Pumpkins- 2 kg Ginger- 16 kg Onions- 4 kg Garlic- 3 Bot Oyster Sauce- 2 bot Fish Sauce- 2 kg Shrimp Paste- 10 Ltr oil donated by Thu Rein s wife with thanks
At a total of not even 250 $ US we drove the last part into the jungle style road far into the country side.At " Hnit Aung San " we were welcomed by the manager and the Chef Daw Aye Aye, proudly showed us a new oven donated to the center today first time in use.Quick jobs were divided , Kyaw Kyaw and Zin Myo Nwe group took care the soup and the pumpkin which was to add to Star Chef Markus Seafood Curry.Chef Thu Rein, Moe Moe Khaing group took care the vegetables and salad,---- and most important the young boys of the center , experts in making fire this time light early which granted us a speedy cooking,-- thanks to their quick hands also for Garlic and Onion peeling.
A short time later Hermann arrived with Chef Markus, another Austrian Chef, Mr Ang from MSL arrived with Micasa Hotel s Chef Steven Twang and 450 Banana Cake portions in the car. At 12:00 sharp a feast was served to all boys of the correction center ( from 12 to 18 years mostly street kids which got into conflict with the law ).
The Menu by WCWB & Young Chefs Myanmar for 450 Boys
Roselle Leave Soup with Bamboo
Tomato Salad Myanmar Style
Snorr Seafood ( with Salmon ) & Pumpkin Curry,
Fried Vegetable with Mushrooms, Steamed Rice
Banana Cake
After a prayer and thanks by all boys to all donor and the chefs the 450 boys started to eat as quick they could sure a sign that this was not a daily treat but something very special today. We like to thank Frank Naesheim and Snorre Food, Mr Ong & Mr Ang of MSL, Michelin Star Chef Markus P. Dybwad from Norway , Herman Feigl and Steven Twang for their both Hotels great contribution & Myanmar s WCWB Ambassador - Chef Thu Rein Htun of Savoy Hotel for the excellent sponsorship, arrangements and organization.
Big applause to the near 30 young Chefs from Yangon which joined this, under World Chefs Without Border - Myanmar charity project. Giving the chance that some of these young boys  one day remember the Chefs came and cooked a great meal,-- making them want to become a good Chef in Myanmar for a prosperous and independent live. Looking forward for the next MCA, Myanmar Young Chefs & WCWB  activities and challenging culinary month s ahead which will see many Myanmar young Chefs competing in Asia for culinary awards.
Keep it always Hot and Keep it always Cooking

Oliver E Soe Thet
President Myanmar Chefs Association

Global Board, World Chefs Without Borders , Ngapali Beach Rakhine State, Myanmar, 16.2.2015 

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