18 February 2015

Roberto Morúa Elliott - WorldChefs Young Chef Ambassador for the Americas

Roberto Morua C.C.
WorldChefs Young Chef Ambassador for the Americas

Roberto Morúa Elliott
*Culinary Cup, Costa Rica. Volunteer and official translator for international teams and judges.
*National Chef Association of Costa Rica. Started volunteer work with the Culinary Team. Working with the team and preparing for competitions. Started January 2013 to the date.
*WACS International Young Chef Challenge, Las Vegas, July 2013.
*WACS International Young Chef Challenge, Seoul, South Korea, November 2013. 2 Bronze Medals. Cold Food and Hot Food. Work with excellence award.
*Captain of the National Culinary Junior Team. Costa Rica
*Cooking Assistant for the National Culinary Senior Team. Costa Rica
*3 Silver medals (1st place Cold Food, 2nd place Junior Team) in National Competitions (Costa Rica), WACS and Academy of Culinary Professionals of the Americas.
*WACS Global Pastry Chef Challenge Assistant for Team Costa Rica. Stavanger, Norway. July 2014
*Cooking assistant for Chocolate and dessert classes, at the National Chef Association of Costa Rica

Why are you interested to be a Young Chefs Ambassador?
I want my country to grow in the culinary environment. The Young Chefs, are an actively growing group in Costa Rica. I want them to have great opportunities to grow in their field. I want my country to be represented all over the world. I want to learn more and more every day, meet other Young Chef Ambassadors and exchange ideas with them.

What qualities do you bring to this role?
Sharing my passion: I want people around the world to know that it doesn’t matter where you come from, you can be passionate about anything you do.
Sharing my culture: One of the best ways to know about a country is to see how their culture is like. Getting to know chefs from around the world has been an amazing experience for me. World Chefs is a great way to get to know people from around the world.

List & Explain your 3 objectives you wish to achieve in your 2-year term as Ambassador, and how you would go about achieving them? 
1.    I want to bring more Young Chefs to National Chef Association in Costa Rica, and help our association grow everyday.
2.    Meet other young chef ambassadors and listen from their experiences in their Young Chef Clubs, and how can we make each other grow.
3.    I also hope to inspire young chefs to give back by sharing their talents and knowledge to better their communities.  

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