19 February 2015

Marcus Hallgren Joins the WorldChefs Young Chefs Development Committee Representing Europe

"The WorldChefs Young Chefs Development Committee is delighted to announce that Marcus Hallgren has become the newest member of our Team, representing Europe. Marcus' drive and enthusiasm for Young Chefs in Northern Europe will continue to fortify WorldChefs Young Chefs Clubs in the region. Having Marcus joining our committee is an important step in the further development of Young Chefs Clubs in Europe, his wealth of experience and network throughout the region will benefit and support our Young Chefs Ambassadors, and their respective clubs."
Alan Orreal, Vice-Chairman for YCDT. 

Marcus Hallgren is the head teacher and culinary leader at Ullvigymnasiet, Köping, Sweden. Ullvigymnasiet is the first School in Sweden to become certified by WACS in the Standards of Quality Culinary Education.

Marcus is a farmer's son with a passion for food and beverages, his family had around 100 acres of land and 20 acres of forest, they had many different animals, but pigs breeding was the main activity of the farm.

Marcus started his career in the mid 80's as a scullion, he has been working his way up from Chef to Chef de Cuisine around Stockholm and the nearby towns in the middle of Sweden. In 2004 he started his own restaurant with his brother, they ran the restaurant until summer 2007.

In Autum 2006 he became a teacher in Culinary Arts at Westerlundska Gymnasiet in Enköping, in 2009 he moved to Köping and started as teacher at Ullvigymnasiet and since 2012 he has been the head teacher and culinary leader in culinary arts and beverages knowledge.

Marcus is a board member in Swedish Chefs Association since May 2013 and he is the founder of the Young Chefs Club in Sweden, he works in the Swedish Chefs Association board as senior advisor for the Young chefs in Sweden. He works closely with the young chefs who serve and help the national teams both in the senior and junior cathegory in the training period before the World Cup and Culinary Olympics.

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