09 July 2014

Fruit Carving at Stavanger 2014

Our last activity - Fruit Carving. 
Most of the YoungChefs were carving for the first time. 
YoungChefs Nat, Jessi, and Natasha started the ball rolling.
 For the boys, it was all about planning, and stenciling before anything else.
But I think Prarit and Francis were just having a ball, literally.
 YoungChef Nat from Thailand was not only quick to get the carving started, she was there to lend a hand to fellow mates. And she even lent her carving knife. Very gracious lady.
 Work of ART carved by First-Timer, Francis. 
 Female YoungChef at HACE 2014 taking pride in her work. Go Egypt!
 YoungChef Kim carved a decorative melon beautifully and effortlessly, I think Kim played too much Sepak Takraw during his free time in Malaysia.
 Before long, YoungChef Nat was onto her second project, a flower pattern carved on the watermelon.

 All about teamwork. Nat sharing her carving knife, while Kim added some touches to it.
 There you go, all out at the Fruit Table of 75metres long... with some of the creations carved by our YoungChefs.

 Thanks for all the hard work and effort put into these fruits. Well done YoungChefs! :)

 I asked the Chef to pick up her favourite piece, and it was Francis.
Can Francis please come to the Frontdesk to claim his present, lots of candies awaiting you at the Lobby. LoL

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