08 July 2014

YoungChefs visited Sterling Halibut Farm in Norway

Viking on the hunt?

 Or a Chef on the Viking trail?
 Or just a couple of 'younger chefs' on a Viking cruise?

 No, the YoungChefs were invited to Sterling Halibut Farm.
 We were greeted with great hospitality from Magnus and his team at Sterling Halibut.

 Covering the eyes of the Halibut has that calming effect.
 One of many 'Hotels' for Halibuts. The bottom rack is the SUITE. 
 We have Chef Frode showing us the easiest way to fillet the Halibut, and having the Halibut sashimi-style (with only concentrated apple juice and pinch of salt) straight from the sea, this has to be the BEST experience. Ever.
 We were taken on a cruise as well, coming to such a close proximity with the fjords around us - we were in awe of the breathtaking view, the wonderful nature Norway has to offer.
 YoungChef Prarit enjoying the view and companionship

 Lots of SELFIE... do expect more to come.

 YoungChef Victor with Chef Alan.
 Our Ambassador Mentor, Jasper Jek.
 Team Hong Kong, or in this case, HKYCC
It will be an unforgetable experience for many YoungChefs.
a BIG Thank You to Sterling Halibut for such an amazing experience, 
and for your generous sponsorship for WorldChefs YoungChefs.

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